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Automation Engineering

Automation Engineering, LLC. is a full service manufacturing solutions provider. Overall we specialize in industrial automation. We design, build, and install automated and robotic assembly equipment. We are primarily involved in battery manufacturing equipment, but most importantly we can custom build to meet your needs.

Our key services include manufacturing, controls, battery production equipment, electrical load equipment, robotics as well as cos flux & solvent. Overall we are adept in industrial automation. To see our full service please stop by our services page here.


BCD Corporate Awnings

BCD, INC. Awning Specialist specializes in awning rejuvenation, concrete power washing, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, floor, and carpet cleaning. Altogether our efficiency in cleaning protects your company’s image. Most importantly, we extend the life of your surfaces, increases resistance to damaging environmental elements and reduces fading and color loss on all types of awnings.

We use specially formulated cleaners and sealers to clean and protect corporate awnings, concrete, tile, grout and canopies. Therefore, we have uniquely designed a cleaning process.


COS Flux Machine

Cos Flux: A chemical composition critical to the heat joining methods of soldering, brazing, and welding because it is a substance that aids, induces, or otherwise actively participates in fusing or flowing.