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COS Flux

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This is the most commonly asked question we receive from people who have never worked with fluxes. Cos Flux is a nonflammable flux for use in battery fabrication. It’s a chemical composition critical to the heat joining methods of soldering, brazing, and welding. This water-based flux offers a wide process window, contains no chlorides or heavy metals to effect long term performance, and is environmentally safe. Furthermore it provides consistent metallurgical fusing for all lead battery alloys when a water-based flux is needed.

A substance that aids, induces, or otherwise actively participates in fusing or flowing, as:

  • A substance applied to a surface to be joined by welding, soldering, or brazing to facilitate the flowing of solder and prevent formation of oxides.
  • A mineral added to the metals in a furnace to promote fusing or to prevent the formation of oxides.
  • An additive that improves the flow of plastics during fabrication.
  • A readily fusible glass or enamel used as a base in ceramic work.

Battery Flux Features:

  • Highly active
  • Excellent flow
  • Low Residue


COS machineOur Battery Fabrication flux allows the rapid evaporation needed in high volume cast-on-strap manufacturing. This solvent-based flux contains no chlorides or heavy metals to effect long-term performance and is environmentally safe. Another key characteristic is the wide window of operation available with this flux. Whether running at low temperatures due to straps cracking, or high temperatures to accommodate large mass plates.

It provides consistently strong bonds and consistent metallurgic fusing for all lead battery alloys. By the same token it is especially effective in joining dissimilar alloys as in cast-on-strap manufacturing. Because of this fact it offers very low fuming/smoking and leaves minimal residue after fusing. It is also non-corrosive. Results offer a thorough bonding with an absorbent free connection.


Overall it is especially effective in joining dissimilar alloys as in cast-on-strap manufacturing. In open flame burning operations it provides sound metallurgical bonding, is low fuming and smoking, not flammable or highly corrosive, and leaves minimal residue and it contains an inert red dye to assure complete pre-fluxing.