• Consultation and plant floor layout
  • Updates and online service of existing equipment
  • Testing and design
  • Electrical controls design and programming
  • Mechanical equipment design in either 2D AutoCAD or 3D Autodesk Inventor
  • Installation and startup of equipment around the world
  • Full documentation including manuals, parts lists, and training for customers


  • Custom and proprietary engineering
  • Haas CNC machining centers, mills, and lathes
  • Production parts for any use
  • Plastic Injection Molding support equipment
  • Fixtures and jigs for industry
  • General machine shop jobs: cutting, fabrication, welding
  • All manufacturing is done in-house in our facilities


  • Complete cell design, layout, and installation including safety systems
  • Material handling, palletizing, and work holding solutions
  • Unique end-effector design including quick change tooling
  • Installation and integration of electrical controls design
  • ABB, Fanuc, Motoman, and Yamaha experience and parts availability


  • Electrical controls design and panel build to applicable standards
  • Machine wiring with quick-disconnect cabling
  • Programming of PLCs, HMI displays, and coordinated servo systems
  • Machine vision, specializing in Keyence, DVT/Cognex cameras and systems
  • Installation and startup of equipment
  • Training of staff on general or machine-specific information


Our company was founded making battery production equipment, and we can provide a variety of machines to meet your needs. We can provide equipment for automotive, industrial, telecom, and motive power systems.

  • Industrial Burn Boxes
  • Plate Handling Robotics and Plate Lifting Fixtures
  • Plate processors, lug brushes and breakers, plate edge cleaners
  • Plate Wrappers, plate and cell Stackers
  • Loading and unloading of COS (Cast-on-Strap) machines
  • HiPot/Short Testers, Air Leak Detectors, load testers
  • Robotic battery palletizing and stretch wrapping


We not only service and provide support for equipment that we sell, but also for your existing equipment as well.

  • Replacement parts for a wide variety of equipment
  • PLC replacement and reprogramming of obsolete units
  • Updates and online service of existing equipment
  • Full documentation including manuals, parts lists, and training for customers
  • Experience in Latin America and other non-English speaking areas