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About Us

Automation Engineering, LLC. is a full service manufacturing solutions provider. We design, build, and install automated and robotic assembly equipment. We are primarily involved in battery manufacturing equipment, but we can build to your desires.

Our engineering department can perform mechanical design for any type of equipment in either 2D AutoCAD, or 3D Inventor Solid Modeling. These designs may then be directly turned into metal using BOB Cad in our CNC equipped shop, and assembled and tested in shop space. We have a state of the art HAAS VF3 machining center, mills, lathes, plasma cutting, and mig welding equipment. Two buildings with over 4,000 sq. ft. of floor space allow us to assemble and test any project easily. Our offices contain an extensive library of materials, Autodesk AutoCAD and Inventor design software, and all major brands of electrical controls PLC, Robot, and servo software and electrical wiring center to produce machinery.

Company History

Automation Engineering, LLC is the result of the combination of GELCO International, LLC, and Battery Components Distributor, Inc. With over 40 years experience in the battery-manufacturing field, we have the proven ability to deliver a manufacturing solution to customers on time, and on budget. We utilize Lean Manufacturing methods to guarantee customer satisfaction and repeat business. We are proud to be members of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers, and a member of the Salina, Kansas manufacturing community.

Design & Engineering

▪ Consultation and Plant floor layout
▪ Updates and online service of existing equipment
▪ Testing and Design on a Time and Material Basis
▪ Electrical Controls Design and Programming
▪ Mechanical Equipment design in either 2D AutoCAD, or 3D Autodesk Inventor
▪ Installation and startup of equipment around the world.
▪ Full documentation including manuals, parts lists, and training for customers


  • State of the art HAAS VF3 machining center, mills, lathes, and indexing
  • Production Parts for any use
  • Plastic Injection Molding support equipment
  • Fixtures and Jigs for Industry
  • Testing on a Time and Material Basis
  • General machine shop jobs, cutting, fabrication, welding
  • Project Process



  • Complete cell design, layout, and installation including safety systems
  • Material Handling, Palletizing, and Workholding Solutions
  • Unique end-effector design including quick change tooling
  • Programming Touchups and updates of existing equipment
  • ABB, Fanuc, Motoman, and Yamaha experience and parts availability
  • Refurbished Robots available on request

Electrical Controls

  • Electrical Controls Design and Panel Build to Applicable Standards
  • Machine Wiring with Quick disconnect cabling
  • Programming of PLC’s, MMI Displays, Coordinated Servo Systems
  • Machine vision, specializing in DVT/Cognex cameras and systems
  • Training of staff on general or machine specific information

Battery Production Equipment

Our company was founded making battery production equipment, and we can provide a variety of new and refurbished machines. We can provide equipment for automotive, industrial, telecom, and motive power systems.

  • Grid and Part casting equipment and Industrial Burn Boxes
  • Plate Handling Robotics and Plate Lifting Fixtures
  • Plate processors, lug brushes and breakers, plate edge cleaners
  • Plate Wrappers, plate and cell Stackers
  • COS Cast on Strap machines, updates, and robotic integration
  • HiPot/Short Testers, Air Leak Detectors, load testers
  • Robotic Battery Palletizing, stretch wrapping, and washing

Parts and Service

We not only service what we sell, but equipment of others as well.

  • COS Flux and Solvent
  • Replacement Parts for Gelco, BCD, and AE Equipment
  • PLC replacement and reprogramming of obsolete units
  • Updates and online service of existing equipment
  • Full documentation including manuals, parts lists, and training for customers
  • Experience in Latin America and other non-English speaking areas.