The GSA is used in the production of automotive sized lead-acid batteries.  It is designed to fold separator material around positive plates, seal them along the sides, and stack them along with negative plates into cell elements.



Size (LxWxH)  



Air Use  


US   121x61x77 (inches)  4000lb  60Hz 3phase power at 208/240V 30A, 480V 15A service.  80psig @ 6.0 SCFM  0-8000ft 
Metric  3.08×1.55x 1.95(meters)  1820kg  50/60Hz 3phase at 200, 220, 347, 380, 415, 575, 600V.  550kPa 5.5bar  0-2440m 

The unit is designed to work with typical automotive plate sizes from group U-1 to 8D and 3GC.  Production rates range from 130 plates/min on 31s down to 60 plates/min on Lawn mower.  The unit will work with standard or glass backed separator.

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