Salina Office  Telephone: (785) 309-0505  Fax: (785) 309-0506

Name Title Extension
Jacob Charvat Programmer, Engineer, Project Manager 8
Justin Kuntz Engineer 6
Darrin Buchwald Programmer, Engineer 9
Galen Redden Director Mechanical Design 7
Arlen Redden Programming Specialist 2
Greg Wassenberg Shop Manager & Head Machinist 4 – shop
Anita Bloom Office Manager, Executive Assistant 1
Ryan B. Johnson Assembly Technician 4 – shop
Tyler Bohl Mechanical Engineer 3

Kansas City Office Telephone:  (913) 677-0110  Fax: (913) 677-0170

Name Title Extension
Ed Klugman Managing Partner 1
Sandy Willis Office and Accounting Manager 3

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Our Staff

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