Fry RD 100


Fry RD 100 alcohol-based battery fabrication flux allows the rapid evaporation needed in high volume cast-on-strap manufacturing.

Fry RD 100 provides consistent metallurgical fusing for all lead battery alloys and is especially effective in joining dissimilar alloys as in cast-on-strap manufacturing. Minimal residues are left after fusing and an inert red dye provides a check to assure uniform pre-fluxing. Fry RD 100 exhibits very low fuming or smoking, is not highly corrosive and provides sound metallurgical bonding.


Fry RD 100 can be applied by dipping, spraying, or brushing and will function in closed or open systems. It has a long working life in the fluxpot and, if necessary, may be thinned with alcohol.

Physical Data

Property RD 100 Test Method
Specific Gravity @ 25oC 0.93 TM-01025
Flash Point 86oF TM-06010
Color Red TM-14005
% Halide 0.35 TM-00300
Acid No. 110 TM-00103
Thinner Alcohol